32nd Division No. S.G.142/91 25 June 1916


32nd Division No. S.G.142/91


Stamped Headquarters 14th Infantry Brigade 25 JUN 1916


Additions to para 8. Appendix ’C’

32nd Division Operation Order No. 24.

Dated 18-6-16


  1. By day the lamp cannot be read but the helio can be read.

The panel might also be read if placed against a steep bank.


  1. By night the lamp can be easily read.


  1. Communication will be from Battalion and Brigade Headquarters.


  1. The distinctive pennant referred to is 18’ x 3’ and will be 30’ below the basket.


The following table gives the method of distinguishing balloons:-

By day.                                   By night.


VIII Corps.     Black & White chequered      Light exposed for 10 secs. At intervals of                                                                  10 minutes.

X Corps           Half Red and Half White       Succession of dots every 10 minutes.

III Corps.        Plain White                             Succession of dots and dashes every 10                                                                     minutes.

XV Corps        Black & White vertical           Succession of dashes every 10

strips 3’ broad                         minutes.

XIII Corps      Plain Red                                Succession of dots every 10 minutes.


  1. All messages will be “DD-DD” and balloon will only answer:-
    1. With lamp as already stated
    2. With pennant, when the unit calls up with its code calls, the pennant will be hauled up to the basket.As soon as the observer is ready to read, the pennant will be lowered again. When the message has been received the pennant will be hauled up and down 3 times in succession.

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