On front line -65 to -0.01


From Front Line to BLUE LINE 0.00


“     BLUE Line  to   PINK     “        0.03


“     PINK     “   to   GREEN  “       0.05.

“     GREEN  “   to   BROWN    “   0.25

“     BROWN “  to MAUVE   “    0.48

“     MAUVE  “   to ORANGE “    1.17

“     ORANGE  “ to LIGHT      “    1.25.


“     LIGHT     “  to   CRIMSON “   2.153




Patrol to CRIMSON Line 2.45 to 3.30.

(X.5.a.9.5. to R.35.c.4.3.)




C.R. Gover Major R.A.

Brigade Major 8th Divnl. Arty.
















TIME              UNIT                          TASK.


-65 to -0.01     2” T.M. (40)                X.8.c.2.3. to X.2.a.2.2.

9.45 T.M.                    Area X.8.c.6.8., X.8.b.0.1., X.8.b.0.2/ X.8.a.6.1.


All T.M’s                     Stop firing at -0.01.


18 pdrs (48)                 X.14.a.6.7. to X.2.a.1.9.


4.5”  (16)                     Points X.14.a.6.7., X.8.c.5.0

X.8.a.1.5., X.8.c.1.8½.

X.8.a.1.0., X.8.a.1.3., X.8.a.0.5.

X.7.b.9.8., X.2.c.1.1., X.2.c.2.4.

X.2.c.3.7., X.2.c.3.9., X.2.a.2.2.

X.2.a.2.5., X.2.a.1.6., X.2.a.1.9.




0.00 to 0.03     18 pdrs. (42)                X.14.b.2.7. to X.2.a.5.6.


4.5” Hows (12)           X.14.a.9.8., X.8.c.8.2., X.8.c.5.4.

X.8.c.3.8., X.8.a.6.3., X.8.a.4.5.,

X.8.a.4.6., X.8.a.4.8., X.8.a.5.9.

X.2.c.6.6.,X.2.a.8.1., X.2.a.5.6.



0.03 to 0.05     18 pdrs (42)                 X.14.b.8.7. to x.2.a.7.9.


4.5” Hows (12)           (1) X.8.d.7.2.  (2) X.8.d.3.4.  (1) X.8.d.1.8.

(2) X.8.a.9.2.   (1) X.8.a.9.5.

(1) X.8.a.8.8.,(1) X.2.d.0.2. (1) X.2.b.2.0.

(1) X.2.a.9.6. (1) X.2.a.7.9.



0.05 to 0.25     18 pdrs (58)                 X.9.c.4.2. to X.8.b.7.1. to X.8.b.8.4.to X.8.b.7.5. GREEN LINE                                        (and X.8.b.7.1. to X.8.b.5.3. to X.8.b.7.5.) to                                                            X.2.c.6.2. to R.32.d.0.3.


4.5” Hows (12)           (1) X.9.c.4.6.   (1) X.8.b.9.0.

(1) X.8.b.4.4.   (1) X.8.b.7.8.

(1) X.2.d.4.4. (1) X.2.d.4.7.

(2) X.2.b.6.2.   (1) X.2.b.5.5.

(1) X.”.b.4.8.   (1) R.32.d.1.2.

(1) R.32.d.0.3.



0.25 to 0.48     18 pdrs (64)                 X.9.c.8.2. to X.2.b.7.8. to R.32.d.2.5.


4.5” Hows (16)           (4) X.9.c.8.2. to X.9.c.9.8.

(4) X.9.c.9.8. to X.3.c.0.2.

(4) X.3.c.0.2. to X.2.b.9.0.

(4) X.2.b.7.8. to R.32.d.2.5.



0.48 to 1.17     18 pdrs (64)                 X.9.d.9.9. to X.3.c.9.3. to X.33.d.8.0. to MAUVE LINE                             R.33.a.5.4.


4.5” Hows (16)           (4) X.9.d.9.9. to X.9.b.6.6.

(4) X.9.b.6.6. to X.3.c.9.3.

(4) X.3.b.1.1. to X.3.a.9.5.

(4) R.33.d.0.5. to R.33.a.5.4.




1.17 to 1.25     18 pdrs (64)                 X.10.a.5.3. to R.33.d.7.8. to R.33.b.2.7.


4.5” Hows (16)           (4) X.10.a.5.3. to X.4.c.6.4.

(4) X.4.c.6.4. to X.4.a.4.3.

(4) X.4.a.4.6. to R.33.d.8.5.

(4) R.33.d.7.8. to R.33.b.2.7.





1.25 to 2.153   18 pdrs (64)                 X.5.c.4.3. to R.34.a.1.9.


4.5” Hows (16)           (4) X.5.c.4.3. to X.4.b.7.2.

(4) X.4.b.5.6 to R.34.d.2.3.

(8) R.34.a.9.1. to R.34.a.1.9.




At 2.153          18 pdrs (42)                 X.5.d.3.8.to R.34.d.5.8. R.34.a.9.1. to R.34.a.9.9. CRIMSON LINE                                  28.c.8.1.



4.5” Hows (12)           (4) X.5.d.3.8. to X.5.a.7.9.

(4) R.34.d.5.8. to R.34.a.9.9.






At each Lift 18 pdrs will search rapidly 100 yards at a time to next line.


4.5” Hows will lift to next Line.


When 18 prds are engaging points on the lines which are close to where our Infantry are expected to be H.E. only will be used.


The times of the Lifts of the Heavy and Siege Artillery will be the same as for Divisional Artillery.


The BLACK LINE shewn on Map ‘B’ is intended to represent that the Siege Artillery will creep through the Village of POZIERES.


Table of Expenditure of Ammunition will be forwarded later.





The portion of CRIMSON LINE between the points X.5.a.9.5. and R.35.c.4.3. will not be fired on by any nature of gun or Howitzer between 2.45 and 3.30 during which time patrols will be sent to this portion.  Fire will be re-opened there at 3.30.





C.R. Gover Major R.A.

Brigade Major 8th Divisional Arty.









8th D.A. C/57. 22 June 1916

SECRET                                                                                                    8th D.A. C/57.



Reference 8th Divisional Artillery Instructions for forthcoming Operations dated 22.6.16.






0.48 to 1.17     )  for   X.33.d.8.0.

MAUVE LINE) read X.33.d.0.8.




C.R. Gover Major R.A.

Brigade Major 8th Div Artillery.



8th Division Artillery 22 June 1916



SECRET.                                                                                                   Copy No 16


8th Division Artillery






(1). In the offensive operations, which will shortly take place, the III Corps will assault and capture the line S.5.central to M.26.c.1.7. Map 1/20,000.

The Left Division to capture M.33.b. central to MS.26.c.1.7.


(2). To the 8th Division is allotted the task of capturing and consolidating the line shewn “Light Blue” on the Special 1/5000 Map, with intermediate lines “Green” and “Orange”.


(3). Other Divisions will be employed for the further operations but will be supported by 8th Divisional Artillery and attached Batteries.


(4). The day of assault, Z, will be preceded by days U, V, W, X and Y, which are allotted for wire cutting, Special Bombardments, destruction of strong points and trenches, and methods to ensure no rest to the enemy and further to prevent supplies of all natures being brought to him.

(5). To the 8th Division, is attached for the Operations,

(a). 86th Brigade R.F.A.      )

A/89th Battery R.F.A.   )  Now in position.


(b). 89th Brigade R.F.A. (less A/89) as a Mobile Brigade.


(c). 30th Heavy Artillery Group, consisting of 1 9.2” How Battery, two 8” How                 Batteries, two 6” How Batteries.


(d). 34th Heavy Artillery Group consisting of two 4.7” Batts and three 60 pdrs                   Batteries.

(e). Trench Mortar Batteries –

1 Heavy Trench Mortar Battery.

1 Section T.M. Battery.

7 2” T.M. Batteries.

(6). The preliminary bombardment and the support of the Assaulting Infantry will be carried out on Z day according to Programme (Appendix A) from -65 to 2.15 minutes.

This will be adhered to throughout.

It is augmented by Siege and Heavy Artillery.


(7). The Lifts by Siege and Heavy Artillery, and 4.5” Hows, will be from line to line, whereas 18 pdrs will in each case search to the next line, 100 yards at a time.


(8). At 2.15 minutes, if the final objective has been reached, a barrage will be continued on the Crimson Line, until 3.15 at a rate of one round per gun per minute for 18 pdrs and 1 round per Howitzer per two minutes for 4.5” Hows.

Rate of fire will then be halved, or suitable to the situation.


(9). No fire whatever will take place on the portion X.5.a.8.5. to R.35.c.5.3. between 2.45 and 3.30, when Infantry Patrols will be pushed forward to that area.


(10). In the event of a portion of the line being held up, and unable to advance, Artillery fire may be demanded to leave the programme and return to the portion in difficulties. This however should not be asked for or expected, unless a front of at least 500 yards is held up.


(11). As soon as the Infantry have advanced from Mauve Line (about 1.20) the Mobile Brigade on receipt of orders from Headquarters will move forward to occupy positions about X.9.a & b, 18 pdrs to cover POZIERES, and 4.5” How Battery to cover X.34.a.


These batteries will be prepared to push up single guns or Sections to knock out strong points or houses.


The route will be via North Road and, Route ‘A’.  Two men will be left at each Bridge placed over the captured trenches, in order to maintain it, they should be provided with a pick and shovel.


(12). The next to be ordered forward will be 33rd Brigade R.F.A.

Their move should be possible when Infantry have reached ‘Light Blue’ line.

This Brigade will move by Route ‘A’ to position about X.9.a., and will form Route ‘B’ leaving 2 men per bridge at the captured trenches.


(13). The 5th Brigade R.H.A., 45th Brigade R.F.A. and 86th Brigade R.F.A. will move at night by Routes C and D which will be formed by them, over the captured trenches.


They will move in the order named, and it is intended that on completion of the moves,


89th Bde R.F.A.) will be in position about X.9 a & b

33rd Bde R.F.A.) supporting 23rd Infantry Brigade.


86th Bde R.F.A.) will be in position about X.3 c & a

5th Bde R.H.A.) supporting 25th Infantry Brigade.


45th Bde R.F.A.) will be in position about R.33.c

) supporting 70th Infantry Brigade.


Brigades will be Grouped as above.

Lieut Col. Nevinson will command the Right Group.

Lieut Col Butler the Centre Group.

Lieut Col Hill the Left Group.


The Group Commanders will be with the Infantry Brigade Headquarters.

Should only two Infantry Brigades be in the front line, Groups will be formed as follows:-

Right Group – Lt. Col. Nevinson, 89th, 33rd, 86th Brigades R.F.A.

Left Group – Lt. Col Butler, 5th Bde R.H.A. and 45th Bde R.F.A.


(15). All positions, where possible, should be chosen with a view to continued operations, and possibility of cutting wire East and North of POZIERES, and also, allowing the occupation of the positions in their new area, for the whole of the 34th H.A.G.


(16). Wagon Lines of all Batteries moving forward will be formed on the East of the RIVER ANCRE about W.23 and 29.


(17). Batteries, on vacating positions will leave 2 men to guard Ammunition, Rations etc left behind.


It must be understood that the Ammunition left is ‘Common’ property, and is to be issued to any wagons sent for it, irrespective of which Battery or Brigade they belong to.


(18). 1st Line Wagons should accompany batteries, and the Ammunition from them should be dumped, allowing the wagons to return and refill.


(19). Rations, and as much water as possible must be taken on.


It must be clearly understood however, that the 3 days rations issued at gun positions are not to be consumed until the ordinary supply ceases.


(20). As Batteries move forward, the “A” Echelon D.A.C. will move to E.2.a & b which will be the new Refilling Point and the “B” Echelon to MILLENCOURT.


A Section of the 19th D.A.C. (by order of C.R.A. 19th Division) will move to E.3.d. as soon as the Mobile Brigade is ordered to advance.


All attached Batteries of 19th Division will be supplied by their own D.A.C.


(21). The 2” T.M. Batteries will, on conclusion of their time table, prepare to move forward one mortar per Battery (with the exception of those of 12th and 25th Divisions) with as much ammunition as possible, with a view to occupying the 1st Objective.


Further advances where possible will be ordered later.


  1. Gas. Gas will be liberated during the night of V/W on the front X.13.b.3.7. to X.1.d.1.0.


Details of liberation is given in Appendix B.


  1. SMOKE. Smoke will be liberated along the Divisional Front in accordance with instructions contained in Appendix C.


  1. MEDICAL. Advanced Dressing Stations.


Right Brigade (23rd Brigade).


(a) PORT LOUIS AVENUE South of OVILLERS POST, about W.18.b.4.4.

(b) Medical Shelter at entrance of PORT LOUIS AVENUE about W.18.c.2.9.


CENTRE BRIGADE (25th Brigade).


(a) LANCASTER AVENUE at junction with RIBBLE Street, North of                            DONNET POST W.12.d.8.4.

(b) Medical Shelter at


(II) At entrance of PRESTON AVENUE, W.18.a.1.9.


LEFT BRIGADE (70th Bde).



(b) Medical Shelter at Entrance of Lower HORWICH STREET W.12.a.5.4.




  1. There will be a central Visual Signalling Station at LAVIEVILLE          (D.10.b.6.9.) which will be in communication with Infantry Brigade     Headquarters.  This station can be seen as far as POZIERES and will be on the   look out for all signals for advancing troops.


  1. Contact Patrol Aeroplanes will work throughout the day in accordance with      instructions contained in G.H.Q. No. O.B.1656.


  1. No. 14 Kite Balloon Section will also be available to pick up and possibly          send messages to various Headquarters.

When signalling to the balloon the lamp or helio must be laid on the basket,            not on the envelope.


  1. Battalions will arrange for flare signals to be lighted as follows –

(a) At each line of enemy’s trench captured

&         (b) At five minutes past every fourth hour after ZERO.


26 VETERINARY. The Mobile Veterinary Section will open an advanced Collecting Station at D.3.b. central at S.W. end of HENENCOURT at 6 a.m. on ‘U’ day.


The present Main Collecting Station at BAIZIEUX will remain open for Units WEST of HENENCOURT, exclusive.


N.C.O’s and men conducting sick or wounded animals will return at once to their units after handling the animals over to the Veterinary personnel.





  • No papers or orders are to be carried by Officers or men taking part in the attack except the new 1/5000 German Trench Map and the 1/20,000 Map         Sheet 57 D S.E.


All messages and reports will refer to one or other of these maps.


The numbers on the 1/5000 Map are only to be used within the 3rd Corps Area.

  • DISTINGUISH MARK On ‘Z’ Day every Battalion Headquarters will carry a blue flag.


R.E. Depots will carry a blue and Red Flag.


  1. At the moment of Assault, Headquarters of formations will be as follows:-


Divisional Headquarters — HENENCOURT CHATEAU

Divisional Artillery H.Q. — Henencourt Chateau

23rd Infantry Bde.       —- W.18.b.6.7.

25th Infantry Bde             —W.12.d.8.4.

70th Infantry Bde.           —-W.12.b.4.2.






C.R. Gover Major R.A.

Brigade Major 8th Div Arty.

Issued at 1 p.m.

Copy No         1. 8th Division.

  1. 23rd Infy Bde.
  2. 25th Infy Bde.
  3. 70th Infy Bde.
  4. 5th Bde R.H.A.
  5. 33rd Bde R.F.A.
  6. 45th Bde R.F.A.
  7. 86th Bde R.F.A.
  8. 89th Bde R.F.A.
  9. 19th Div.Arty.
  10. T.M. Officer.
  11. C.R.E. 8th DIV.
  12. A.D.C. for C.R.A.
  13. Staff Captain.
  14. 12th Div. Arty.

16 & 17 War Diary.

  1. 8th Div. Am. Col.
  2. 19th D.A.C.








TIME              UNIT                          TASK.


0.00 to 0.18     18 pdrs (6)                   Area X.2.a.1.6. to X.2.a.2.9. to R.32.c.3.1. to                                                            R.32.c.3.3. to R.31.d.9.0.


4.5” Hows (4)             (1) X.2.a.1.9.

(2) X.2.a.2.9.

(1) R.32.c.3.1.


6” Hows (2)                Points X.2.a.2.9.




0.18 to 0.28     18 pdrs (6)                   Area R.32.c.5½.½. to R.32.c.3.1. to R.32.c.3.3.                                                        to R.32.c.5.6. to R.32.c.6.5.


4.5” Hows (4)             Points R.32.c.3.1. R.32.c.3.3.

R.32.c.5.6. R.32.c.6.6.


0.18 to 0.26     6” Hows (2)                Points R.32.c.6.5.







C.R. Gover Major R.A.

Brigade Major 8th Divisional Arty.