XIIIth Corps 221/1 (G) 8 June 1916

XIIIth Corps 221/1 (G)


18th Division No G 654

G.O.C. R.A.

18th Division

30th Division

No 9 Squadron R.F.C.

No 12 Kite Balloon Section



Tests have recently been carried out by the Fourth Army and the 30th Division with a view to determining how soon before sunrise various objects can be seen.


The results are forwarded for your information.


Sg. W.J.F. WHITE, Capt

For B.G. G.S.

XIIIth Corps

5th June 1916


53rd Brigade

54th Brigade

55th Brigade

Royal Artillery

Forwarded for information


A.J. Bryant

June 8th 1916                                                                                            Lieut. Colonel

Senior General Staff Officer, 18th Division.


Copy for each Bde 10/6/16

18th Division 8 June 1916

18th Division Z.86



18th Division



Reference telephone conversation last night, the following are the lifts for

  1. Heavy Artillery and
  2. Divisional Artillery.as at present proposed.
  1. Heavy Artillery Lifts. (see Map attached).Lift off dotted blue line on map at                             0.5
  2. Lift off POMMIERS trench at                                      0.17
  3. Lift off front and support trenches at                          0
  4. Divisional Artillery Lifts Lift off BRESLAU Support, BUND SupportLift off BACK Trench at                                           0.15POMMIERS Trench, BUCKET Trench at                    0.20 Intermediate lifts as required to be arranged between Infantry Brigade Commanders and Officers Comdg their respective Artillery Groups.A. Byant         Senior General Staff Officer, 18th Division
  5. June 8th 1916                                                                                              Lieut. Colonel
  6. Lift off POMMIERS Redoubt at                                  1.0
  7. Lift off TRAIN Alley, The Loop,
  8. and BUND Trench at                                                 0.10.
  9. Lift off front and support trenches at                        0

Agenda for Conference. 8th June 1916

Agenda for Conference.

8th June 1916


Z Division 6 ** per OW


  1. Brief description of situation as it stands at present.


  1. Grouping of Batteries.


Distribution of 9th Div Art batteries.


  1. Battery Positions.


Work to be completed without delay.

9th Div Art positions to be commenced, distribution of these.

Site for 1 single gun required.


  1. Observation Stations.

Extent of work completed.

Sites and distribution of O.P.s 9th Div Art O.P.s.

Gauze for O.P. slits.


  1. Communications.

(a) Between Groups & batteries

(b) Between Batteries & O.P.s

(c) Between O.P.s & front line

(d) Plans for lines forward from front line.

(e) * Visual Signalling within Groups, and from points in captured German trenches. * Discs i daily bombardment from present O.P. ii


  1. Liaison Officers.

Not to be confounded with F.O.O.

One detailed to go with Bde H.Q. in case the latter moves.

One detailed with each attacking batteryalion H.Q. headquarters i.e. 3 pre Group.  Duty:- Liaison not observation.


  1. F.O.O.s.

How many to go forward per Group? To be fully acquainted with position of forward terminals of Artillery trench wires.  Party to consist of 1 F.O.O., 2 Telephonists, 2 Linesmen, 3 Signallers with lamp, and 3 orderlies.  To carry 1 mile of D3 and 1* mile of D1.  Wire etc to be stored close to forward terminal previous to assault. * is 1 mile enough?


  1. Wire Cutting.


Discuss attached schemes for wire cutting.


  1. Bombardment to Support Assault.

Lifts. Nature of ammunition, whether advisable to fire H.E. only for last few seconds before lifts.

Lane fronts allotted to batteries. Simplify.

Barrages to stop counter attacks. When should forward batteries open fire?  Barrages should objective be attained.

Registration with aeroplane of Caterpillar Wood battery valley.

Difficulty of observation from new lines.


  1. Preparation for possible Advance.

Each Group to reconnoitre two forward positions:- Batteries to be held in readiness to advance to be detailed. Roads to forward positions to be reconnoitered and bridges prepared.

Suitable advance sites for Wagon lines to be reconnoitered. Possibility of Group H.Q. having to move forward at a later period to be considered. E.g. Left at Carnoy exchange.

Possible sites for batteries on POMMIERS Ridge to be considered.


  1. Points brought forward at last Conference.

Ammunition Recesses.

Preparation for 4 days supply of water and food.

Accommodation for increase of personnel at batteries to allow for reliefs and replacement of casualties.

Spare parts for guns. Triggers party plates & springs stakes etc.

Bde Armament Artificer to be in central position.

Group dressing stations.

Reserve of sandbags for batteries moving forward.

18 D.A. Movement Order 8 June 1916

Date                Unit                             From                                        To                    Starting time                                       Remarks


Night               5th Bty. R.F.A.                        HENENCOURT WOOD       W.6.c.3.9.        8.0 p.m.

13th                  (2 Sections)


14th                  3rd Bty. R.F.A.                                    ditto                            W.11.b.7.4.     8.0 p.m.

(2 Sections)


D/5 Bty Hows.                        ditto                            W.24.a.3.7.      8.20 p.m.


15th                  1st Bty R.F.A.                         ditto                            W.11.b.6.1.     8.0 p.m.

(2 Sections)


“Z” Bty. R.H.A.                     ditto                            W.12.c.3.2.      8.20 p.m.

(2 Sections)


18 DA 7 June 1916

SECRET                                                                                                         A.B. 20/17


82nd Brigade

83rd Brigade

84th Brigade



  1. Herewith tracing showing forward lines which it is proposed to lay from observation stations to front line, consisting of four pairs for each group.


  1. The object of these lines is twofold:-

(a). For purposes of forward observation during wire cutting.

(b). To form advanced telephone terminals from which lines would be run in the event of an advance.


  1. Suitable observation posts for front line wire, and ground visible from them are also shown on tracing.


  1. The front terminals are situated at the advanced Battalion Headquarters, and consequently will be available for use of Liaison Officers during assault.


  1. Group Commanders should decide which of their main observation stations they wish connected with forward lines respectively.  Decisions arrived at to be communicated to O.C. Signals, 18th Div through Group Signalling Officer.



(Sd.) A.F. Brooke

Capt., R.A.

Brigade Major, 18th Div. Artillery



O.C. Signals,

18th Division.


For your information

A.F. Brooke

Capt R.A.

Brigade Major 18th Div Artillery.




Memo 18 DA 7 June 1916



151 Artillery


Reference para. 18 of the Scheme.


151st Brigade will not go forward as a Brigade but probably by Sections or single batteries.


These sections or batteries will act on their own keeping in close touch with the Infantry.


Communication should also be gained as soon as possible with Group H.Q.s






7-6-1916                                                                                                                         Brigade Major 30th Divisional Artillery






18th Division NoZ.85



53rd Infantry Brigade

54th Infantry Brigade

55th Infantry Brigade

Royal Artillery


The following definition of “Zero time” and with a notes regarding artillery “lifts” are is forwarded for your information.


  1. Zero time to be at the hour named, by which time our Infantry is to be in an irregular line, lying down within 60 yards of Bosch wire.


  1. All previously announced hours for “lifts” are liable to alteration before the day and all ranks must be quick to learn new times.





June 8th 1916                                                                                       Lieut-Colonel.

Senior General Staff Officer, 18th Division.

Alf Smith’s Postcard 7 June 1916



Addressee T. Smith Esq., 24, Palmerstone Rd., Bowes Park. London. N.


No 27521

Pte. A.A. Smith

12th Batt. Essex Regt ‘C’ Coy

Address reply to Dovercourt


Undated.  Postmark Harwich 7 June 16


Dear Father


Many thanks for the letter.  I have great hopes of getting home this week so do not send a parcel.  I believe Albert has written to you.  Will let you know as soon as I know for certain.  Please excuse more news now.  Alf