18th Division 5 June 1916

4th Army No. 4/A.A./66/30/27

XIIIth Corps 24/4(G)

18Division No Z.74



XIIIth Corps


  1. Information has been received that lachrymatory shells will be available for 4.5” howrs. And perhaps for 60 pounders.
  2. As regards quantity, you can count on receiving about 1500 and this amount may reach 2500.
  3. No estimate can be given yet as to any prospect for the 60 pounders, it is hoped that a few may be available, but no figures have yet been given.



3/6/1916                                                                         sd. C.L.E. BUDWORTH, Major-General

For M.G. G.S. Fourth Army.



G.O.C. R.A.

18th Division

30th Division


For information


XIIIth Corps

4th June 1916.                                                                    sg H.E. BRAINE, Maj

For B.G. G.S.


Royal Artillery

18th Division

For information


June 5th 1916.                                                                    Name unreadable


For Lt. Col S.G.S.O. 18th Division.