8th Divisional Artillery Operation Order No. 7. 4th June 1916



SECRET                                                                                             Copy No. 18


8th Divisional Artillery Operation Order No. 7.

4th June 1916


  1. The 45th Brigade R.F.A. and “Z” Battery R.H.A. less 57th Battery (Hows) complete and 1 Section 18-pdr Batteries, will move to Billets in BEHENCOURT in relief of 152nd Brigade R.F.A. 34th Divisional Artillery on the night of the 5th/6th June 1916.


  1. Lieut-Colonel A.T. BUTLER, C.M.G., R.H.A. will be in command of the above Artillery until the return of Lieut-Colonel H.W. HILL, when he will return to the Left Group Headquarters.


  1. The Adjutant and staff of the 5th Brigade R.H.A. will remain with the Left Group Headquarters.


  1. The move will be in accordance with Table “A” on reverse.


  1. No move will take place between 3 a.m. and 8 p.m.


  1. The Left Group will remain as at present.       One Subaltern Officer being in command of each section in Action.


  1. Billeting parties will be sent on in advance to report to the Adjutant 152nd Brigade R.F.A. who will arrange the taking over of Billets.


  1. All moves to be reported to this Office.



C.R Gover Major R.A.

Brigade-Major. 8th Divisional Artillery.



Copies to:-

5th Bde R.H.A.                        1

33rd Bde R.F.A.          2

45th Bde R.F.A.          3

IIIrd Corps R.A.         4

8th Division.                 5

34th Div. Arty.             6

A.D.V.S.                     7

Signal Coy.                 8

Div. Train.                   9

S.S.O.                          10

Retained                      11 to 18.