18th Div Art 28 May 1916

18th Div Art


I forward herewith tracing shewing German wire, correct to date so far as I can see.


I have not shewn front line wire as there has been no change in that. Gaps at KASINO POINT and BRICK POINT have been repaired.


  1. Thorpe Lt. Col R.A.

Comd. 82nd Bde R.F.A.


18 Div Arty 28 May 1916





  1. The Artillery available will consist of the Divisional Artillery (12 4 gun 18 pdr Batteries and 3 4 gun 4.5” Howr Batteries) possibly reinforced by several 18 pdr and 4.5” Howrs. Batteries.


  1. The Artillery will be arranged in 3 groups, and each affiliated to one Infantry Brigade as follows:-

Right Group – 84th Bde. R.F.A. and one 4.5” How Batt 55th Inf Bde.

Centre Group – 83rd Bde R.F.A. and one 4.5” How Batt 53rd Inf Bde.

Left Group – 82nd Bde R.F.A. and one 4.5” How Batt 54th Inf Bde.

The Headquarters of the Artillery Groups will be with the Headquarters of the Infantry Brigade.


  1. The positions of the various batteries is given in Appendix ”A”.


  1. In addition to the list given in Appendix ”A”, the following list of positions have been reconnoitered and will be prepared for the accommodation of any additional batteries that may become available. Some of these positions may have to be occupied by the Divisional Artillery.

1 Section 18 pdr at A.15.d.7/9

1 Section 18-pdr at A.15.c.35/80

1 4-gun 4.5” How Battery at A.14.a.6/4

1 Single 18 pdr at A.14.b.8/5.

1 Single 18 pdr at F.17.b.30/35


  1. The zones allotted to each Artillery Group are shewn in attached tracing marked ”B”.


  1. The Artillery support, including Trench Mortars, will be divided into the following phases.

Phase I   Bombardment of hostile front and support trenches as shewn    in Tracing ”C”

Phase II Bombardment of Support trenches as shewn in tracing ”D”

Phase III Bombardment of Support trenches as shewn in tracing ”E”

Phase IV Bombardment of POMMIER and trenches in vicinity by left Group as shewn in tracing ”E”.

Right and Centre Group establish protection barrage for consolidation of position.

Phase V Consolidation of position gained, protection barrage.


  1. There will be no cessation of fire between the various phases, the artillery will lift each barrage by increments in range corresponding to the distance apart of the opposing trenches.


  1. Owing to the German defences being situated on rising ground, where the rear support trenches overlook those in front, it will be necessary for 60 pdr and 4.7” guns firing shrapnel in enfilade to barrage the rear support trenches shewn in ”brown” on tracings of phases.


  1. The 4.5” Howrs will be employed to enfilade communication trenches special attention being paid to prominent trench junctions.