F. Hammond 18 May 1916

Green envelope Field Post Office T.9 Dated 15 May 16. To E. Hammond, 9 Countess St. Stockport. Signed F. Hammond No contents



Field Service Post Card FPO 27 Dated 18 May 16. To E. Hammond, 9, Countess St. Stockport.  Message I am quite well. Fred 17 May 1916


In Biro My Brigade disbanded to all a South African Brigade to enter the Division 9th Scottish


  1. 5.16

Dear Mar & Pa

Sorry I have been so long writing a letter but I have been unsettled this last few weeks.  Our Brigade has been disbanded and the whole of our section have returned to the HQ except myself and two more my address will now be HQ9th Sig Co RE until further notice.  I have had a much easier time here than with the old section and conditions are usually much better.  I was very sorry to part from the old section (Alcock went away with them) after being amongst them for so long.  Still I think I shall be OK here from what I can see.  Unfortunately I have now no prospects of leave as it is much slower here.  Some of them have not even been once yet.  I suppose every one is in the army nearly now.  We are in the same position we were a year ago.  So when all these new recruits are trained we ought to be able to move forward without fear.  Don’t bother sending the Strand thanks.  I am pretty free from lice here so have not tried the Asiatic cord yet – Sorry to hear my tike keeps misbehaving himself – Hope Mar is keeping OK & yourself.  How’s Gladys going on suppose she’s quite a wise acre by now.  Hear Willie has passed for Office Telegraphist but don’t suppose he’s away yet.  What is GGH doing now adays.  Well I must say Bye Bye for the present.

I am just going on duty now & wish to catch this post.




In Biro May 16