W. Springett’s letter 12 May 1916





Friday evening


A Company

1st Reserve Battalion

City of London Royal Fusiliers

5 Camp Hut 20


Nr. Salisbury

Dear Dad,

I was very pleased to get your welcome letter, & to hear that your cold was better. I had a letter from Alice Wednesday they were all well at home.

Well I must tell you that my arm is just beginning to act, both places have taken allright, my arm is not so bad as some of the boys, you get no sympathy here for a bad arm. They think you can go on just the same.

Wednesday we had a route march of 15 miles which did not improve things very much.

Thursday when the corporal came round nearly all the chaps in our hut went sick. So we had an easy time Thursday nothing to do, & today Friday we are on the same business, you have got to play jolly **** in the Army, for they would pile it on you till you dropped.

Well Dad they seem to be licking us into shape now, I was called out of the hut Thursday to make up the number of 60 men to go on Preliminary Musketry, so now I have got my complete equipment, now they have given me a rifle, it is one of the latest pattern, a pound lighter than the old ones, we start this musketry business on Monday, of course it will be, if one arms are better but perhaps they wont be!

The weather here is not very grand, rain nearly every day which is not very pleasant.

We have not heard any more about moving but some of the boys think that we shall be going to Egypt, as we have had this vaccination, but we shall see later on.  They keep altering the leaves’ here owing to chaps deserting & overstaying their passes.

The latest one is all mens leave here by 2 pm Saturday & return Sunday evening 11 pm. So if the chaps don’t get an extension, it is not much good to them.  This sort of business will encourage desertions & such like, for they will have the time somehow.

I shall be making an application for Pass in a weeks time for Whitsun I don’t know what luck I shall have, but we must arrange something for that, you will have to write to me a special letter, for me to come home as you want to see me very particular, something like that.  That can be worked, about this I will write you again in a week or two.

You see, owing to such a short number of men being able to go, you have to wait such a long time for a pass & I should like to be able to come home for Whitsun.

I think this is all for now hoping my letter will find you much better. I am writing to mother today as she always likes to have one, once a week.  Remember me to Sid & Ted if you see them.

These letters are rather long ones “I don’t think.”

All the news for now

From your affec Son Walter.


P.S. We are supposed to have about 800 married men coming here shortly.  They erected tents for us to have our meals in, but the wind blew them down.  So we have gone back to the huts for meals.



In YMCA envelope to Mr. H.J. Springett, No 13 Ma*** Road, Crayford Kent. Postmarked Salisbury 10 pm 12 May 16.