Pte. A. Walker 22288 letter 10 May 1916


Wed May 10 1916


My Dear Nell,


Just a few lines to let you know I am getting on alright. We arrived quite safe after a good voyage.

Have been on the move since we landed & are now within sound of the guns.

We had about 15 mile march yesterday in the rain & of course got rather wet by the time we finished. On top of that the transport is lost their way & we had no breakfast this morning.

At present we are “amusing” ourselves in a barn.  We found it rather cold last night as we had no blankets.  We are having mostly Bully Beef & Biscuits & have only had Bread once since we have been here.

We have had rain every day except the first so you can guess what the weather is like. So much rain is owing to the firing of the guns.  They break the clouds & of course we get it alright.

With regards to France I don’t think much of it.  The majority of roads are made of large cobbles and are rather bumpy which is not very nice for the feet on a march.

Well Dear haven’t any more to say so must close.

I remain

Your loving



Pte. A. Walker 22288

3rd Platoon A Coy

32nd Royal Fusiliers




With cover to Miss N. Pilgrim

161 Abbey Rd




Marked F.P.O. 124 My 11 16

Between Meteren & Baileul