T.N.B. Cree R.N. 20 Apr 1916

Midshipman’s Journal

T.N.B. Cree R.N.


H.M.S. MINSTREL                                                               At MALTA


April 20th         Charts as usual occupy the forenoon.  Go ashore in afternoon.  Lieut. Mudford with inevitable result.  Must every hosts two of when are somewhat “shop soiled”.  Dine at Osborne Mudford also there.  Return on board and turn in about 2 P.M.  Lieut Thomson, Lt. Blackmore, Lt Fitzpatrick.



Pte. A Smith 20 Apr 1916

Pte. A Smith

No 27521

“C” Co12th Batt

Essex Regt



April 20th


Dear Father


I received your parcel this afternoon & thank you very much you know my liking for sweets & cigarettes & the home made cake.  I know I shall enjoy.  I suppose Jess made it tell her I have had some already & it is just alright.

I had some cakes from Mrs Paternoster as well so I have got a good supply in for Easter besides bread & jam which I brought so I shall be able to look after “little mary” alright but you can bet I shall get through them without any trouble.  They wanted to know if I required a light porter to carry them home.

We have a grand treat for about three days every fortnight we are fed on dogs biscuits, but I cannot turn myself into an animal yet there is plenty of growling & barking goes on we shall want a collar & chain soon.  I think the idea is to get us used to them if we have to go in the trenches; but that is quite time enough then; I do not attempt to eat them that is why I have got bread to take up to the dining hall.  I shall keep some in memory of the army.

No doubt you have received my letter by now.  I hope you will have a good time at Farnham.  I shall have a try for next week & it will be the simplest way for you to come to Southend I will let you know as early as possible.

I am not requiring any money at present.  I can just manage alright with the 6/- pay but thank you very much for mentioning it.

Everything is going alright.  Give my love to Jess & Ethel.


With much love

Your devoted