Fred Hammond letter 12 Apr 1916


Dear M & P

Just a line to show I am gogging along as usual.  I received your parcel the other day my word what a fine cake it looked too nice to cut it.  also the roll it made me think of having tea at home on a Sunday which as you know was very seldom.  I am on night work tonight & have just finished the chocolate off.  It arrived in perfect condition I think Par will make a joiner after all.  I would liked to have seen him hammering the wood.  I can fancy him opening the drawer and looking for the most fierce hammer to accomplish his handiwork.  When is it glueing night or upholstering night.  Does Par still try his agility on my bicycle or is it na poo by now.  I had a letter card from Geo the other day.  I see he’s changed his billet but doesn’t think he will be across here.  He says he can’t get leave owing to an epidemic of measles.  You might let me know when the restriction is over altho I suppose I’ll know before you.  Still if I should be fortunate enough to get leave before long it would be rather hard lines seeing that we live so far out and never go into the place.  The weather is more settled now and we even find time to have a walk just to get a breather.  There’s a good article by the same author who wrote the First Hundred Thousand in March’s issue of Blackwood’s Magazine entitled “Carry On”.  To us it strikes us as very good you might see it in the library.  There is nothing really exciting at present and we have to be so careful nowadays that war happenings are not allowed in letters.  The idea at present seems to be that we shall soon be in rest billets or somewhere else in France for my own part I am quite content here – I suppose the Zepps still haunt the people at home.  Fancy the bounders getting to Scotland anyway I don’t think they will find Countess St as it isn’t on the German map – The Germans don’t seem to be putting the fear of God into anybody now I think they’ve about run their cable.  What’s behind Holland’s latest move I suppose the bosche think they could just about manage her.  No doubt Mr Potts can answer that question Eh Gladys – I suppose Gladys is getting quite feminine now there are no males in the house I suppose she’s as powerful and important as Miss Sewell in the eyes of the younger ones.  I hope you are all keeping OK as I am in the pink myself.  Hope that dawg of mine is behaving himself if I had him out here he’d have to carry my kit as they make all the doggies work in this country.  Well its just 4.30 am and breaking day the birds are beginning to sing & this is the time when we have to be on the watch so bye bye for the present.  I suppose I shall be 30 anne by the time you get this still I am feeling younger than I did before La Guerre began.  So cheeroh

Gussie De Gribit



Field Service Post Card FPO T.9  I am quite well   Fred  24.4.16