G. G. Hammond letter 9 Apr 1916

2/7 Bn Manchester Regt

Sobaron Barracks



Dear Gladys

As we commence another spasm of special training next week I am seizing the present opportunity of writing to you.  I am awfully sorry about the leave but as you will see it is essential I should apply otherwise it will be so much longer before I can get leave again.  I went to Clacton-on-Sea yesterday.  It is rather a decent place but very quiet at the present time.  All the front has been placed in a state of defence and it is very interesting to walk along the promenade.

The week before I went to Brightlingsea it is very small and seems to do a fair amount of shipping.  We had a most exciting time as we arrived to walk to a place called St. Osyth’s – there is a beautiful priory there.  We had to go across a ferry and were rowed over by some sea scouts, after we had walked some distance we were pulled up by some sentries and taken to village where we were examined.  Finally on the way back we nearly missed the train and from what Edys says my attempt to row across the ferry was the limit.

I am awfully busy at present, drawing maps and writing lectures.  I don’t know how long we are going to stay here but apart from visiting the historical places there is not much to do.  I will buy a local guide and send it on to you, also the copy of the magazine you asked me to send.  There is a weekly magazine published also, if you wish I will send you one every week.  Now dear, do write me a long letter, your last was most interesting, only for the beastly measles I should most likely be spending a happy time with you next week but one – however I shall apply for more leave as soon as possible.  I had a letter from Dolly yesterday they want me to go over, I may go soon.  I have some pc of myself.  I will send you one if you wish, but the house will be full of my photos.  I was so glad to hear that your speech was a success.  You are becoming quite a nut.  I am simply longing for the day when I shall be able to swank about my sister at “Owens”.  I may get there myself some day.

Well Gladys I have no more time at present, do write soon.

Fondest love to all

Your loving brother George