F. Hammond letter 4 Apr 1916


Dear Mar & Pa

Just a line to say I am OK just gogging along nice and quietly.  Still enjoy a bed with coffee at intervals.  The weather is more like summer in fact we are beginning to throw off muffs, mittens, flannels, fur coats and the like and look less like esquimaux – I heard and see from the picture papers that there was a heavy blizzard over England followed by another air raid glad that one of the Zepps was ticked off even the Daily Mail tried to be cheerful – I had a letter from Will the other day.  I suppose its shook a few of the married men up.  Still the more men we have the sooner it will be over & I think they have had a good rest & plenty of time to prepare.  Fancy it’s a year ago since first we made our way over here so we are quite old soldiers now.  I might possibly get leave this summer with a bit of luck.  Has Geo had any leave lately – when I came out here I thought I should be able to speak French but I fancy I’ve learn more Scotch than French.  There’s rather a good true tale.  A Jock was had up before the Colonel for a small offence.  The Col said – “Did you do so and so?”  Pte “Oui”  “Alright you will have 21 days C.B. compre”.  How’s my dog going on give him extra rations on the 15th to celebrate my 30 anne – Hope Gladys is filling that noddle of hers with plenty of compre & pulls her exam off with flying colours – I’ve not decided yet whether that button’s German or French.  I understand it’s German but the French also have some like it.  Well I think this is all for at present.  Hoping your all well just waiting for the Derbyles now to finish La Guerre for us.

Cheeroh  Gussie


Report on WIRE 3 Apr 1916


Stamp of 82nd Brigade

Royal Field Artillery


Report on WIRE

Front Line


A to C}

D to F  }          Wire old but in good repair, on posts mixed with knife rests

H to K}

L to M}

C to D            Same kind as above but indifferent in quality and quantity.

At J Posts on long (5 or 6 ft) & sloping outwards.


From PERONNE AV (RCF.17.c).

A to H             Visible, 4 thin strips of wire only.

A’ to B’           Visible.

C’ to D’           Visible.

O to P              Visible old & scattered.

R to S              Visible old, both sides of trench.

S to T              Visible old but good.

U to V             Strong line of wire.

Q to G                          do

Y to Z             on bank of sunken road.

East of Z very strong line.

Second line wire behind B.E.F. visible but not just at B.


From ANNEXE B (F.17.D.88) and O.P. 104th & 105th batteries (F.18.C.54)

A somewhat closer view to the above is obtained but the valley running up from G.H toward MONTAUBAN is obscured and very little wire between 1st & 2nd line of trenches can be seen as it is obscured by the parapet of the front trench.


From O.P. A/151 (A.13.D.11)


I to K              Visible


From O.P. D/148 (A.14.D.72)


L to M             Visible

L’ to M’          Wire old but good

W to X                        Strong line now being made with new wood posts


From our Front line trenches.

The wire of the German front line trench can be observed except at G.H.

From I to K a particularly good view is obtained from an old snipers post shewn on map.


  1. Thorp Lt. Col. R.A.

Cmd Left Group.