Pte. A Smith, March 25 1916

Y.M.C.A headed notepaper

Pte. A Smith

No 27521

Reply to C Company 12th Batt Essex Regt

Stationed at Dovercourt


March 25 1916


Dear Father


You can see by the above address where I am landed. Beginning to settle down now it is all right except for the food that is why I am writing from the Y.M.C.A. hut. Have come here today for tea. The place is full of soldiers. There are 8 of us quartered in a private house. 4 in each room sleep on the bare boards, three blankets only; but still I am fortunate have got in with some very nice fellows.

When I left Southend on Wednesday we were sent to Warley. I was right glad to see the back of that place. When we arrived it was too late to see the doctors that day so had to spend the night in the barracks on a straw mattress jolly hard I can tell you. I saw the doctors the following day & came here on Friday.

Of course I do not know much of the rules yet but I am looking forward to getting leaf in about a month’s time I should think. I look a regular knut in khaki I can tell you. It is alright except for the boots they are devilish heavy.

We have to be in by 9 PM it is even darker here than Southend. This is where they have had some of the Zepp raids. It is a bus ride from Harwich.

This is the first time we have had free since we arrived; but I think one does get plenty of time when we are settled.

I do not know how long we shall be here. One does not know anything in the army.

Well Father I do not think there is any more news now. Hope you are well also Jess & Ethel.


With much love from

From your devoted




P.S. In case you cannot make out the address;

Pte. A.A. Smith

No 27521

  1. Co. 12th Batt:

Essex Regt.