55th Division Appendix VII 20 Mar 1916


Appendix VII


55th Division C/15




55th Division


  1. The 4th Divisional Artillery (less one Brigade) will relieve the 37th Divisional Artillery (less one Brigade) in the line.
  2. Reliefs will be carried out under arrangements to be made between C.O’s C. R.A. of the Division concerned, and be completed by 6 a.m. morning of April 1st.
  3. As soon as this relief has been carried out, one 18 pr Brigade 37th Divisional Artillery (less two Batteries) will relieve the 14th Brigade R.F.A., 4th Division now attached to the 55th Division, under arrangements to be made by G.OsC. R.A. of Divisional Artillery concerned.
  4. The Artillery of the 37th Division less D.A.C. will on relief occupy the huts on the slopes of the PAS – WARLINCOURT Valley. The encampments will be allotted by the Staff Officer R.A. 7th Corps.
  5. The 14th Brigade R.F.A. will on relief occupy billets at GROUCHES.
  6. The Divisional Artillery Ammunition Column will, on relief, be billeted either in HALLOY or GRENAS.


(Sd) F. Lyon, Brig. Gen

General Staff, 7th Corps.

20th March 1916


Divisional Artillery


For information and necessary action.


(Sd) J.G. Dill, Capt. G.S.

For Lt. Col. G.S.

55th (West Lancs) Division

H.Q. 55th Div



Headquarters 55th division (G)


This will leave us 4 – 18 prs short.

(Sd) J. MacMahon, Brig Gen.


Cmdg. 55th Divisional Artillery