55th (W.L.) Divnl Artillery. Order No 11 10 March 1916


Appendix V

Copy No 13


55th (West Lancs:) Divisional Artillery

Order No 11



Reference Trench Map 1/10,000



  1. Arrangements have been made for 6” and 8” Howitzers of 6th Heavy Artillery Group to bombard suspected work in BLAIRVILLE WOOD communication trench (R.34.b.5.2 – R.34.b.8.2) tomorrow.       This bombardment will begin at 11.30 a.m. and last till 12 noon.
  2. 3 18 pr batteries Centre Group will take part under arrangements made by Centre Group Commander.

Objective                                 Ammn to be expended

2 Batteries Front Line Trench                                    20 S   20 HE

R.34.b.3.1. – R.34.b.5.4

1 Battery   Support Trench                                        10 S   10 HE

R.34.b.3 ½ .0. – R.34.b.5.2.

  1. Section 12th Lancs Bty at R.31.c will enfilade above trenches. Ammn to be expended 5 S 5 HE
  2. 4.5” How Battery (to be detailed by Right Group Commander) will fire on Support Line R.34.b.3 ½ .0. – R.34.b.5.2.       Ammn to be expended – 20 HE.
  3. Bombardment will begin at 11.30 a.m. with 2 rounds gun fire from each of the above 18 pr guns, and will be continued at a deliberate and irregular rate of fire till 12 noon by all guns.
  4. Batteries not taking part will be prepared to retaliate.





Capt for Major R.A.

Brigade Major

55th (W.L.) Divnl Artillery.



Issued at 4.45 p.m.

Copy no    1.  Right Group Comdr.

  1. Centre Group Comdr.
  2. Left Group Comdr.
  3. 4th W.L. F.A. Bde.
  4. 55th Division “G”.
  5. 6th H.A. Group.
  6. 14th Divnl Artillery.
  7. 37th Divnl Artillery.
  8. 164th Inf Bde.
  9. 165th Inf Bde.
  10. 166th Inf Bde.
  11. 7th Corps Artillery
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