55th (WL) Divnl Artillery 7 Mar 1916



Appendix IV

Copy No ***


55th Divnl Arty No A.1103 


O.C. 1st W. Lancs Bde R.F.A.

O.C. 2nd W. Lancs Bde R.F.A

O.C. 3rd W. Lancs Bde R.F.A

O.C. 4th W. Lancs Bde R.F.A

O.C. 14th Brigade R.F.A.

Town Major SAULTY

O.C. 9th Battery R.G.A

O.C. 114th Battery R.G.A



The following moves will take place to-morrow 8th March 1916



  1. All Brigades Ammn Columns at SAULTY to SOMBRIN

1st W. Lancs Ammn. Column to be clear of SAULTY10 a.m.

2nd  W. Lancs Ammn. Column to be clear of SAULTY 10.30 a.m.

3rd W. Lancs Ammn. Column to be clear of SAULTY 11.0 a.m.

4th W. Lancs Ammn. Column to be clear of SAULTY 11.30 a.m.

14th Brigade Ammn. Column to be clear of SAULTY 12 noon.

ROUTE :- Direct to SOMBRIN.

Billeting parties to report to Staff Captain R.A. 55th Division at 9 a.m. on the 8th March at SOMBRIN opposite the Church.

  1. Lieut. Marshall R.F.A. will hand over the duties of Town Major at SAULTY to an officer from 166th Infantry Brigade and will take over the duties of Town Major at SOMBRIN from 12 noon on 8th instant.
  2. The following units will remain at their present positions until further orders:-Wagon Lines of 9th Heavy Battery R.G.A. at BAVINCOURT

Wagon Lines of 114th Heavy Battery R.G.A. at LAHERLIERE




Staff Captain

55th (WL) Divnl Artillery

7th March 1916



The Western Front

7th Feb              British Royal Flying Corps arrive on the Western Front

8th Feb               Britain requests Japanese naval assistance

9th Feb                Jan Smuts appointed African Supreme Allied command

9th Feb                British secure Lake Tanganyika

11th Feb              Germany gives permission for U-boats to attack armed merchant ships

14th Feb              Britain & France guarantee Belgian liberation and neutrality

15th Feb              The Fifth Battle of Isonzo

18th Feb              Mora in the Cameroons taken

18th Feb              Italian Caproni bombers retaliate against Laibach

21st Feb             Germany treats United States merchant ships as cruisers

22nd Feb             President Wilson proposes peace conference

23rd Feb              Portugal agrees to intern German vessels


The Caucasus and Middle East

5th Feb               Trebizond Campaign begins

7th Feb                 Russia takes Mus

11th Feb               Russian offensive of Erzincan

15th Feb               Turkish forces abandon Erzincan

16th Feb               Russian army captures Erzincan

26th Feb               Russia takes Kermanshah



21st Feb              Battle of Verdun begins

25th Feb              Fort Douaumont captured by German troops

25th Feb              Petain appointed as defender of Verdun

28th Feb              End of German initial attack