55th West Lancs Divisional Artillery Order No 10


Appendix III

Copy No 11


55th (West Lancs:) Divisional Artillery

Order No 10


5th March 1916

Reference Trench Map

1/10,000 Sheet FICHEUX


  1. On the night of 6/7th March one Section 12th Lancs Battery will move to position at R.31.c.3.2. and commence registration on 7th March to enfilade enemy trenches in R.30.M25 M19 and M20.
  2. For this purpose O.C. W.L.F.A. Bde and Centre Group Commander will place their existing communications at disposal of Right Group Commander until permanent communication is established.
  3. Centre Group Commander will arrange for preparation of positions in R.27a, to be occupied by a section of 18 prs.       This Section will register trenches in R.30, M.25. M19 and M.20 for oblique and enfilade fire.

Section detailed and date of occupation to be reported to this Office.



  1. Benson

Major R.A.

Brigade Major

55th (W.L.) Divnl Artillery.



Issued at 5.15 p.m.

Copy no    1.  Right Group Comdr. (1st W.L. F.A. Bde.)

  1. Centre Group Comdr (2nd W.L. F.A. Bde.)
  2. Left Group Comdr (3rd W.L. F.A. Bde.)
  3. 4th W.L. F.A. Bde.
  4. 55th Division (G)
  5. 7th Corps Artillery
  6. Staff Captain
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  8. Signals.  55th Division
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