Letter from W Hammond 15 Feb 16

Customs & Excise Embossed Notepaper



Dear Father & Mother

Thanks very much for the birthday greetings and for the dainty pair of cuff links.  They’re just what I wanted and what I should pick choose myself.  32 is a very nice number.  It will divide by 2, 4, 8 & 16.  I feel I ought to be doing mathematics this year with such an accommodating number for a companion.  Had a letter from George this mng.  He has been in bed with the “flu” but is better now.  I suppose you know he has passed the divisional exam for subalterns only 14 passing in the Brigade and has also been put on the permanent establishment of his Battalion.

Also that friend Arthur is “hoist with his own petard” having scared both birds away.

I am expecting my leave next week so hope to see you all soon.

Hope Gladys is better by now she seems a wholesale dealer in whitlows, sties, heat bumps &c.  She should add a few corns and bunyans (bunions) by way of variety.

I enclose £2 in notes on account of premium

Love to all



Cover Postmark Kibworth Leicester 15 Fe 16 to E. Hammond Esq

9 Countess St Stockport