Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service June 1941.

Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service June 1941.

Date                Time   Location         Damage

04/06/1941    Found Little Warley  1 – H.E unexploded at Bluehouse Farm, East of

Horndon Railway Bridge.  No damage or casualties.  (disposed of BDS 4.6.41).

05/06/1941    00.03  Thundersley Damage to telephone kiosk in Hart Road by

                                                            shrapnel.  No casualties.

05/06/1941    01.10  Bowers           4 – H.Es exploded, 2 on Golf Course, 1 in ditch and

Gifford            1 in Farmyard at Great Mussels Farm.  Severe damage to farm buildings and a bungalow.  No casualties.

17/06/1941    19.00  Billericay        1 – H.E. unexploded found 300 yards North of Tye

Common Road and 150 yards South of Bluntswall Chase.  No damage or casualties.

18/06/1941    19.30  Great              Bernard Aubrey Wendon, 13 years, of 5 Wakering

Wakering       Wick Cottages, New Road with two other boys was returning home from Havengore Creek and was walking on an unmade road which leads from Oxenham Farm to Coastguard Station Cottages.  The road passes through a minefield fenced off either side of the road.  Wendon was killed by a mine exploding caused by the children throwing stones into the minefield.  Body conveyed to Mortuary at Billericay Hospital.  Other boys escaped injury.

21/06/1941    Found  Vange          1 – H.E unexploded on open ground about 70

yards South, South East of “Niacasa” Beech Road.  Believed to have fallen 13.9.40.

23/06/1941    01.30  Nevendon     2 – Parachute Flares, 1 aluminium container fell

through the roof of a bungalow in Burnt Mills Road causing slight damage to roof.  1 aluminium container found in a field at Nevendon.  No casualties.  (removed by B.D.S. 24.6.41).

23/06/1941    01.40  Foulness       2 – Parachute mines exploded between Lodge

Island             Farm and East Wick Farm.  Damage to Lodge Farm and houses at Church Road.  No casualties.

23/06/1941    01.45  Rayleigh        26 – H.Es 5 are unexploded, 7 exploded in vicinity

of Eastwood Road.  1 exploded in Leslie Road, 2 Warwick Road, 2 in The Chase.  2 Avondale Road, 5 in vicinity of Wellington, Napier and Victoria Roads, and 2 in an orchard in Bull Lane.  The unexploded 1 between Trinity Road and The Chase (BDS 26.6.41), 1 in garden of “Terra Murra” Princes Road (BDS 1.7.41).  1 in orchard 200 yards South of Bull Lane (BDS 8.7.41).  1 Warwick Road.

23/06/1941    Found    Shenfield   1 – A.A. unexploded Shell near L.N.E. Railway,

rear of engine turntable.  No damage or casualties.  (BDS 26.6.41).

26/06/1941    05.00  Foulness       1 – Naval Barrage Balloon torn from end to end

Island             and deflated grounded 100 yards West of Landwick Police Lodge, New Ranges.  R.N. marked on side & XB/NK 6/1127 on nose.  RAF informed.

27/06/1941    01.40  Foulness       1 – H.E. exploded in a field 300 yards North East of

                                    Island             Wardens Post “P” 18.  No damage or casualties.

30/06/1941    Found  Paglesham  The tail cap and parachute of para mine at

Clements Farm.  Tail Cap marked D.5718 in red stencil over 63 in yellow.  Search being made for para mine.   No damage or casualties.

 30/06/1941   Found  Canvey         1 – Unexploded Cannon Shell at rear of “Selsey

                                      Island           Bay” Mornington Road.  No damage or casualties.