Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 23 June 1941.

Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 23 June 1941.

Date                Time   Location         Damage

23/06/1941    01.30  Nevendon     2 – Parachute Flares, 1 aluminium container fell

through the roof of a bungalow in Burnt Mills Road causing slight damage to roof.  1 aluminium container found in a field at Nevendon.  No casualties.  (removed by B.D.S. 24.6.41).

23/06/1941    01.40  Foulness       2 – Parachute mines exploded between Lodge

Island             Farm and East Wick Farm.  Damage to Lodge Farm and houses at Church Road.  No casualties.

23/06/1941    01.45  Rayleigh        26 – H.Es 5 are unexploded, 7 exploded in vicinity

of Eastwood Road.  1 exploded in Leslie Road, 2 Warwick Road, 2 in The Chase.  2 Avondale Road, 5 in vicinity of Wellington, Napier and Victoria Roads, and 2 in an orchard in Bull Lane.  The unexploded 1 between Trinity Road and The Chase (BDS 26.6.41), 1 in garden of “Terra Murra” Princes Road (BDS 1.7.41).  1 in orchard 200 yards South of Bull Lane (BDS 8.7.41).  1 Warwick Road.

23/06/1941    Found    Shenfield   1 – A.A. unexploded Shell near L.N.E. Railway,

rear of engine turntable.  No damage or casualties.  (BDS 26.6.41).

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