Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 20 April 1941.

Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 20 April 1941.

Date                Time   Location         Damage

20/04/1941    03.15  Canvey          Roof and doors of “Redferne Lodge” damaged by

                                    Island             shrapnel.  No casualties.

20/04/1941    03.15  Canvey          2 – H.Es exploded in fields between Winter

Island             Gardens and Waterside Farm.  No damage or casualties.

20/04/1941    03.15  Wickford        6 – H.Es exploded in line from East end of Brown’s

Ave, to Senfield Drive.  1 fatal casualty (Frederick Brickdell 33 years.) 4 serious and 3 slight casualties.  Several persons suffering from shock, 6 houses wrecked and a number badly damaged.  Brown’s Avenue blocked.  Fire broke out but was extinguished.  Electric and telephone wires down.  A number of persons rendered homeless.

20/04/1941    04.10  Shenfield       2 – H.Es exploded in Hall Lane 1/4 mile North East

                                                            of Searchlight Station.  No damage or casualties.

20/04/1941    04.10  South Weald 1 – Para mine exploded in field adjoining the

Poplars Farm, Brook Street.  Extensive damage to property.  Several persons rendered homeless.  2 lambs killed.  Parachute at Brentwood Police Station.

20/04/1941    04.10  Brentwood     4 – H.Es, 1 exploded and 3 unexploded.  The

unexploded near L.N.E.R. between Kavanaghs and Mascalls Bridges, 1 16 yards South of track, 1 150 yards South and 1 25 yards North of track about 250 yards East of Mascalls Bridge.  The exploded H.E. 400 yards West of Kavanaghs Bridge and 200 yards South of track.  (disposed of B.D.S. 29.4.41).  No damage or casualties.

20/04/1941                Little Warley  1 – A.A. unexploded Shell in ploughed field 25

yards West of L.M.S.R. and 50 yards North of Orchard Cottage, Hall Lane.  No damage or casualties.  (disposed of B.D.S. 9.5.41).

20/04/1941                Wickford        1 – A.A. unexploded Shell 50 yards from Railway

Arch at Fanton Hall.  No damage or casualties.  (dealt with by B.D.S. 8.5.41).

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