Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 27December 1940.

Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 27December 1940.

Date                Time   Location         Damage

27/12/1940     20.18  Hockley          1 – H.E. exploded at junction of Greensword Lane

                                                            and Lower Road.  No damage or casualties.

27/12/1940    20.30  Little Warley  1 – H.E. exploded at entrance of Codham Hall

Lane.  The lane is partly blocked by debris.  No casualties.  (Lane open 29.12.40).

27/12/1940    20.40  South Weald Windows broken at The Chequers P.H. by mine

                                                            exploding at Navestock.

27/12/1940    20.40  Barling           2 – H.Es exploded, 1 at Shoulderstick Hall and 1 at

& Sutton        Beauchamps Farm house.  Damage to property.  Aeroplane trip wires down.  No casualties.

27/12/1940    21.00  Little Warley  I.Bs (about 100) burnt out at junction of Hall Lane

and Arterial Road.  Slight damage to property And about 1 ton of hay destroyed in a stack.  No casualties.

27/12/1940    21.00  Hockley          1 – I.B. burnt out in a ditch at Marylands Wood.

No damage or casualties.

27/12/1940    21.00  Great              9 – H.Es exploded in line 100 yards North West of

Burstead        Barleylands Sewerage Works.  No damage or casualties.

27/12/1940    21.01  Billericay        I.Bs (a number) burnt out in fields 400 yards West

                                                            of Barleylands House.  No damage or casualties.

27/12/1940    21.12  Buttsbury       1 Parachute mine exploded 200 yards South East

of Shoulder Hall.  Slight damage to Shoulder Hall.  No casualties.

27/12/1940    21.13  Billericay        1 Parachute mine exploded 50 yards North of

“Stricklands” Buckwyns Estate.  Damage to 8 houses.  No casualties.

27/12/1940    Night  South             1 – Parachute mine unexploded in garden of

Fambridge     “Greenways” Fambridge Road.  Tail cap found 1/2 mile from River.  Fambridge Road closed.  (Rendered safe by Admiralty 29.12.40)  Road open ( Rest of entry missing on original).

27/12/1940    21.40  Canewdon    1 – A.A. unexploded Shell in a field 30 yards West

                                                            of Lion House.  No damage or casualties.

27/12/1940                Ashingdon    1 – Parachute mine unexploded on Marshes 400

yards South of Ashingdon School (Rendered harmless by Admiralty 29.12.40).