Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 4 December 1940.

Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 4 December 1940.

Date                Time   Location         Damage

04/12/1940    21.00  Billericay        Damage to lamp standard on Southend Road and

buildings at Southend Farm by drifting Barrage Balloon.

04/12/1940    21.20  Rochford       2 – H.Es unexploded, 1 on Golf Course and 1 200

yards North West of Westborrow Hall (exploded 9.12.40)  No damage or casualties.

04/12/1940    21.30  Hullbridge     10 – H.Es exploded at Poolehurst Farm, Cracknells

Farm and Kingsland Farm.  Slight damage to property.  No casualties.

04/12/1940    21.55  Coxtie Green 2 – H.Es, 1 exploded and 1 unexploded at back of

Coxtie Green House.  White Horse Road.  Road closed (open after 96 hours).  Damage to property.  Telephone wires down.  No casualties.  D.B.S. 7.2.41.

04/12/1940    22.30  Rayleigh        Drifting Barrage Balloon fouled the Overhead

electric cables at Little Wakering drifting in a South Easterly direction and caught on a pylon at Wheatleys Farm and burnt.  Wires and ropes and gear salvaged.

04/12/1940    22.55  Ingrave           3 – H.Es unexploded, 1 in field opposite Womens

Institute Dunnings Lane, 2 in Thorndon Park between 10th fairway and Lake, (1 exploded in a plantation the 5th).  No damage or casualties.