Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 24 November 1940.

Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 24 November 1940.

Date                Time   Location         Damage

24/11/1940    19.05  Great              2 – H.Es, 1 exploded in a field at White House

Wakering       Lodge.  Slight damage to property and 1 unexploded in a field 400 yards East of White House Lodge  (Discredited B.D.S. 1.12.40)  No casualties.

24/11/1940    19.25  Hutton             8 – H.Es near Collins Farm, 2 unexploded in a field

North West of and 6 exploded South East of Farm.  Slight damage to property.  No casualties.

 24/11/1940   19.45  Brentwood     5 – H.Es, 3 exploded in Cromwell and Milton

Roads and 1 at junction Warley Mount and Headley Chase.  Considerable damage to property and several persons suffering from shock and 2 unexploded, 1 at Lavenders Builders Yard and 1 at 11 Great Eastern Street.  All roads mentioned blocked.  (Open 25.11.40)  Water and gas mains damaged and sewer fractured.

24/11/1940    19.50  Thundersley 5 – H.Es exploded, 1 in Waterworks field,

Grandview Road, 1 in field 500 yards North of Hart Road, 1 on “Strathmore” Hart Road.  (House demolished) 3 persons killed, 1 150 yards North of “Strathmore” and 1 at “Hillcrest” Grandview Road (Hillcrest wrecked) considerable damage to other property.  Overhead electric cables down.  Gas and water damaged , 3 serious casualties at Hillcrest.

24/11/1940                Doddinghurst   1 – H.E. exploded in a field at Shops Farm.  No

                                                            damage or casualties.

26/11/1940                Brentwood     Nose cap of a shell fell in the garden 13 Fairfield

                                                            Road.  No damage or casualties