Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 5 November 1940.

Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 5 November 1940.

Date                Time   Location         Damage

05/11/1940    03.15  Langdon        4 – H.Es exploded, 1 in High Road opposite Park

Hills                Avenue, 1 at junction of Park Avenue and Nightingale Avenue, 1 in the garden of “Amy” Park Avenue, 1  in the garden of “Homestead” Butles Green.  Water and gas mains damaged.  8 houses slightly and 5 seriously damaged.  S.L.T. on High Road, B.1007.  No casualties.

05/11/1940    04.55  Pilgrims          8 – H.Es, 7 exploded and 1 unexploded in fields

Hatch             800 yards North of Orchard Farm and 800 yards East of Ashwells Farm.  The unexploded is on Kings strip of land.  No damage or casualties.

05/11/1940    05.08  Potton             2 – H.Es exploded in fields 1 mile North East

Island             of Potton Farm, 30 yards apart.  No damage or


05/11/1940    05.20  Laindon         5 – H.Es exploded and 1 Oil I.B. burnt out, 4 H.Es

in Wash Lane, 1 H.E. and 1 Oil I.B. near Pipps Hill, 200 yards North of Lee Chapel Lane on footpath.  Telephone cables down, water and gas mains damaged.  Sewer damaged.  Road closed, no casualties.

05/11/1940    05.20  Basildon        1 – H.E. unexploded and 1 Oil I.B. burnt out.  The

unexploded is on the West side of Pipps Hill 200 yards South of A.127.  The Oil I.B. is opposite.  Road blocked from A.127 to Basildon.  No damage or casualties.

05/11/1940    05.30  Basildon        3 – H.Es exploded in fields West of “Endersley”

                                                            Church Road.  No damage or casualties.

05/11/1940                South             1 – A.A. unexploded Shell 100 yards South of Drive

Weald             and 100 yards from entrance of Weald Hall.  No

                        damage or casualties.

05/11/1940    15.00  Pitsea             1 – A.A. unexploded Shell in garden of “Warden”

                                                            Lillie Avenue.  No damage or casualties.

05/11/1940    15.00  Laindon         2 – H.Es exploded, 1 at Ronald Avenue (direct hit

on Anderson shelter) and 1 in a field off Markham Chase.  Considerable damage to property. No casualties.

05/11/1940    15.15  Laindon         German Messerschmitt 109 crashed and blew up

in a field 400 yards South of Fortune of War crossroads, at rear of Essex Tool Factory.  Machine totally wrecked.  Pilot Officer Joham Illner bailed out, but injured.  Rank Feldwebel.  Identity Number B.65176.  Born 21.2.11 at Ndufladt Wier.  Conveyed to Billericay Hospital with dislocated knee.

05/11/1940    16.59  Laindon         14 – H.Es exploded in vicinity of Dunton Wayletts,

7 North of A.127 West of Dunton Crossing, 4 in field North of A.127, 2 South of Dunton Road, 1 on cycle track South of A.127.  Road A.127 blocked, 6 slight casualties.  Gas main fired, overhead electric cables down, 2 bungalows demolished, 4 houses and a Cafe slightly damaged (Road open 7/11/40).

05/11/1940    18.15  Ingrave           1 – H.E. exploded in a field at Salmons Farm, 600

yards to rear of School Lane Cottages.  No damage or casualties.

05/11/1940    18.50  Ingrave           4 – H.Es exploded, 2 on footpath of allotments

opposite Ingrave Post Office, 1 about 60 yards to rear of row of Red Brick Cottages and 1 in field by Clemoes Farm, Thorndon Park.  No damage or casualties.

05/11/1940    19.15  Raweth          5 – H.Es exploded on Marshes 1/2 mile North West

                                                            of Highlands Farm.  No damage or casualties.

05/11/1940    20.00  Childerditch  1 – H.E. exploded on Childerditch Common near

                                                            the forked roads.  No damage or casualties.