Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 2 November 1940.

Air Raid Damage Reports Brentwood Division Essex Fire Service 2 November 1940.

Date                Time   Location         Damage

02/11/1940    19.45  Vange            I.Bs (about 100) on Marshes 1/4 mile South West

of Goldings Farm.  No damage, 1 regular Fireman seriously injured.

02/11/1940    20.00  Mountnessing          2 – H.E exploded, 1 is 100 yards West of

Lawness Farm opposite Shoulder Hall and 1 is 100 yards North on side of road to Buttsbury Road.  Road blocked.  Gas main damaged.  No casualties.

02/11/1940    20.05  Billericay        I.Bs (a number) in fields in the Vicinity of Little

Blunts Farm and Queens Park Estate.  No damage or casualties.

02/11/1940    20.30  South             2 – H.Es, 1 exploded and 1 unexploded in the back

Benfleet         garden of 253 Philmead Road (unexploded 15 yards from house).  No damage or casualties.

02/11/1940    20.30  East                1 – H.E. exploded in Ingrave Meadow at South

Horndon        West corner of Moor Lane crossroads.  Overhead electric cables down near pole 142.  Damage to property.  No casualties.

02/11/1940    20.30  Canvey          4 – H.Es exploded in fields at Pantiles Farm

Island             between Northwick and Benfleet Creek, 3 sheep killed.

02/11/1940    20.55  Bowers           8 – H.Es exploded in fields between Bowers Hall

Gifford            Farm and Little Kelvedon Hall and 1 in Kelly Road, 10 houses damaged.  Telephone wires down, no casualties.

02/11/1940    21.30  Hutton            18 – H.Es, 1 is unexploded.  All between Cresseys

Farm and Hanging Hill Lane junction with Ridgeway.  The unexploded is 1/4 mile from Cresseys Farm near a pond.  No damage or casualties.

02/11/1940    22.20  Foulness       8 – H.Es exploded in fields, 6 at Creist Wood Farm

Island             and 2 at Rushwood Farm.  No damage or casualties.